taq Automotive Intelligence teams up with VinFast

Canadian-based taq Automotive Intelligence has teamed up with VinFast to support a digital retailing offering for customers of the electric vehicle manufacturer.

The partnership was announced on July 4; under the agreement taq Automotive Intelligence will provide an “intelligence-based, white-labeled” digital retailing solution for VinFast to help its consumers easily move from vehicle ordering to financing and delivery in a digital environment.

“We are excited to solidify this partnership with VinFast,” said Alan Bird, Chairman and CEO of taq Automotive Intelligence, in a statement. He adds that “Our business philosophy and early adaption to a digital automotive marketplace aligns well with VinFast’s direct-to-consumer model. We firmly believe that by continuously modernizing the customer buying journey, we will push the industry in the right direction.”

The company plans to leverage the credit portal from its digital retailing solution so VinFast’s customers can have more autonomy to configure finance payments, submit credit applications and stipulated documents, and digitally sign contracts. It will also provide access to a dedicated concierge team to guide and support VinFast’s customers through the credit application and financing process.

“(Our) strategy is rooted in merging the power of convenience, autonomy, and a connected experience,” said taq Automotive Intelligence President John Currado in a statement. “As such, we are well positioned to extend to our partners the ability to govern their own customer’s buying journey. In VinFast, we have found a partner who, like us, is driven to deliver on that holistic experience.”

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