Category: Tech Talk: Gerry Malloy

The challenges of heating a BEV

March 31, 2023

Conventional heating systems don’t exist in electric vehicles Most new car shoppers probably don’t show a lot of interest in a vehicle’s heating system before buying. It is just something that’s there, expected to be serviceable, and not seen as …

Give us a (new) brake

October 31, 2022

Could a revolution in automotive braking be on the horizon? Almost 100 years ago, Walter Chrysler triggered a revolution in automotive braking by fitting the new car bearing his name with standard four-wheel hydraulic brakes—a feature that would become ubiquitous …

A possible nano revolution

July 29, 2022

Will BEVs be just a short-term solution? After more than 135 years, the “ICE-Age” of automobiles—the Internal Combustion Engine age—will come to an end by 2035, if currently proposed regulations in Canada, and much of the developed world, all take effect. …